Hit Me Britney One More Time

I am not ashamed of my adoration of Miss Spears. I have loved her (and not so secretly wanted to be her) from the Hit Me Baby One More Time days. I mean, I was 12 and besides- how could you not LOVE Britney!?  She was everything a cool 12 years wanted to be...cute, adorable and dancing down high school  hallways with her toned midriff showing. I mean- Come On!!

Then she went and got all her sexiness happening with songs like Boys (Pharrell- yum!) and Slave for You and parent associations went crazy with all the accusations of her being too risque. Oh please, get over it. Its Britney Bitch!!!

After all the sexiness came her first marriage. 55 hours later it was over.
Then came Kevin.
And the wedding.
And the failed reality TV show.
And the babies.
And the divorce.
And the craziness.
And the shaved head Britney.

She will forever be known affectionately as Bat Shit Crazy Britney Brit Brit.
But after all the legal stuff , being surrounded by weirdo assistants and wannabee friends, flashing her hoo-ha too many times (Now know infamously as doing a Britney) she seems to have gotten herself into somewhat of a better place.

Releasing her latest record with catchy tunes like Till The World Ends and I Wanna Go Brit Brit seems have gone and done a Stella and gotten her grove back.

Bout damn time girl! Hears to hoping she finally and forever back on track.

ex oh


I think I just fell in love

Syrah- ZU Shoes
 I have a feeling I will be adding these mamma's to my collection.


Nudes & Gold

Elie Saab Spring 2011
MAC creme d'Nude
MAC Improper Copper
MAC Brule

ASOS chain chunky cuff

ASOS wristband w/ screw detail

Brian Atwood "Drama"

I wish I had somewhere sunny to go so I could wear beautiful shoes like this

Elle France March 2011


Lust List

ASOS Tortoise Shell Boyfriend Style Watch

ASOS Red Pom Pom Mittens

Pieces Rope Style Handle Tote Bag via ASOS

The Final Countdown

The countdown is on. In exactly 5 months the boy and I will be jetting off to the motherland. I cannot wait! Time with family over Christmas, eating favourite foods (green mango and curry powder, lychee's, pink snowballs, Fanta Grape...mmmmmmmhhhhhhh) and being a tourist will be so much fun.

South Africa here I come.

Can. Not. Wait.




Since my birthday a few months ago I have been seriously thinking of when I am going to get my next bit of ink. The thought process had been happening for a long while before my birthday, I always knew I wanted more than one- but where...and what? I have a few ideas bouncing around my head, but obviously it's going to be staying forever so it has to mean something pretty special to me...

Words, dates, quotes, signs.....too many ideas.

Hopefully in the next few months, I'll be able to post a successfully completed Candice with increased amounts of ink.



polished up

So, I'm sitting and Skyping with my lovely Dominik, all the way in London town, so it is kinda fitting that my next post is about nail polish. She worked in retail for a long while and I used to score some pretty cute jewellery and she would always tell me when the new nail polish was in store, so I could come and stare at the pretty colours. And buy some of course!
I recently came across Emily from cupcakes and cashmere and saw how she had used glitter on one or more of her fingernails and I thought- "Yes!" She is so stylish and pretty :) I am quietly obsessed with her blog :) So, tonight, with Perth city having late night trade, I went in search of a nice glitter nail polish. I'm proud to say, after many stores (not really, I waltzed into Sportsgirl) I am the proud owner of glitter nail polish! I feel like I'm 10 years old- and I <3 it! Thank you Emily for your inspiration!

I think this weekend calls for fuchsia nails.




I don't go anywhere without my small, red, shiny Estee Lauder makeup bag. I went through it the other day searching for some eye cream ( in the middle of my work day- as you do) and found not only eye cream, but moisturiser, eye shadow, about 3 different lip glosses, eye gel, a mini perfume, my Napoleon Perdis compact, concealer, Paw Paw and a whole bunch of things I cannot even bring myself to remember.

 When it comes to products and brands, I pretty much stick to what I know works for my skin type (Estee Lauder,Revlon, Elizabeth Arden, Pevonia) , as well as using products friends or family have suggested. One person I always listen to is my mother. Not only does she have about 20yrs on me when it comes to makeup, but our skins are exactly alike, and so I use what she uses. Biggest and best tip she gave me- give your skin moisture. Think of it as a refreshing drink that is going to serve you well in about 40yrs. I try and moisturise at least twice a day, and more if I'm spending hours in an air-con room. Which I do, everyday at work. For my face I use Olay and I love it. Mum swears by it. And by looking at her and  knowing she has used it for about 36yrs, I can safely say it has worked for her and it sure works for me.
I also love Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour Cream with SPF15 for the day. It's light and refreshing and so so good. Its like I can feel it seeping into the lower layer's of my skin and just plumping it up, leaving a dewy finish. But- I am lazy (and poor alot of the time) and have run out of this amazing cream. I should really get more. And soon.

Another must have and absolute constant companion of mine is Lucas' Paw Paw ointment. I have been using it for about 5yrs as a lip balm and it is amazing. I use it not only for my lips, but to take my makeup off, for cuts, bites, scratches, any random breakouts and as a eye moisturiser if I have run out of night cream. It. Is. Amazing. I don't go anywhere without it. Ever. I am obsessed with it. I have been known to go clubbing and have a tub with me, in my clutch. I think its safe to say I'm a paw paw addict. I even have a certain ritual of application. Weird, I know.

Another love that I will forever cherish is my Napoleon compact. Its got the 3x3x2 all going on- lips, eyes, cheeks- viola! I can create the perfect smoky eye with the velvet- like shadows, an amazing subtle lip with the lip colour and perfectly defined cheeks with the bronzer/ blusher combo. All in all- it's a winner.

And ofcourse it goes without saying, I love my kabuki bronzer brush. I would definitely be lost with out it.

BFF's? I think so.



Learning all the words to...

Toni Braxton's 2010 album- Pulse.

I first discovered the album onboard South African Airways enroute to said country and fell in love. Constant repeat listening ensued. Obviously one shouldnt sing aloud on a plane.

Fell in love again 2 weeks ago. Learning the words to all the songs so I can sing in the shower.



Wining and Dining

The boy works as a banker and I was lucky enough to join him and a majority of the guys and girls he works with on their End of Financial Year wine tour. I was abit like- "huh?" at the fact that they are celebrating end of financial year, but hey- who am I to turn down wine tasting and delicious food?
We made three stops on our tour through the Swan Valley, first stop being Ironbark Brewery. After jumping off the bus (avoiding any pesky puddles) and sprinting (gracefully) through the light rain, we found ourselves in a warm, musky brewery, our noses filled with the aroma of beer and cider. Rounds of beer tasting platters were ordered, champagne and white wines in hand, we made our way to the rustic tables and began our day of wine, beer and laughter.

Next stop was Black Swan Restaurant & Winery. We had a wine tasting organised, with all wines from the winery of course. There was a mix of red's and whites, including the Classic White, Late Harvest, Rose' and Merlot. Then came the part I was looking forward to the most- food.

Entrees provided were chargrilled Turkish bread, house labne and dukkah, sumac dusted baby squid, with a quince mayonnaise and grilled chorizo with crumbled chevre'. For mains, the boy and i shared two dishes- he ordered crispy pork neck, tiger prawns with an onion & muscatel caramel. The prawns were to die for. Soft and succulent, seasoned to perfection and juicy, which went really well with the saltiness of the pork and the sweetness of the onion. all in all- good dish :) My main was the house fettuccine, with confit duck, four mushrooms, porcini stock and shaved parmesan. The duck was cooked to perfection- balancing the dish with the extra meatiness of the mushrooms. Added cracked black pepper lifted the flavour of the dish.
The next and final stop on the tour was Elmar's in the Valley. This is where the boys seemed to go all beer crazy, ordering steins like beer was going out of fashion. Good atmostphere, friendly service and a good band outside was just the way to end off an awesome day of drinking, eating and dodging the raindrops, who no doubt waited for our tour bus to stop before deciding to fall.

For the few hard core people, there was also a quick trip to Botanica to finish off the night.
Vanilla martini to end the night? I'll drink to that :)