Affected by...

I work in an industry where I'm confronted by sadness and craziness on a regular basis. Today was one of THOSE days. i spoke with a lady who had to psych herself up to get out of bed, a man who was running for his life- literally and a guy who has every problem under the sun.

Speaking to people who are faced with such huge issues and worries every day of their lives just makes me realise how lucky and blessed I am.  I have my own home to come back to every night- a hot shower, food, warm clothes, a solid support network, good friends and family and the luxury to pull out my bank card whenever I want to buy something that catches my eye. I think in the last six months I have seen more tragedy, heard more sad stories than I want and had my eyes open to huge issues. Depression, unemployment, homelessness, domestic violence, substance abuse, teenage pregnancy- you name it, I've seen/ heard/ spoken with someone who is going through it.

I am just sitting here, thinking- Wow- I am so privileged, I am so loved, I am so lucky.  I am so thankful.

That's my emotional vent for the day. Hopefully tomorrow will be more lighthearted.


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