Notes from London

Note Two

Hi again! Apologies for the late entry it's been an intense roller coaster week. But to be cheesy...... I'm back on solid grown now with a smile on my face and a little bit more of an understanding of who I am becoming. 
And that is what its all about right? 

Alright, enough of the serious talk. My note from London this week is all about something else that has been happening over the last few weeks and that is... winter.  Yes I know it's always cold in England but this cold is different and it comes and goes with no warning.

I love it. Its crisp, its fresh, its very traditional and cliche and it means I have more of an excuse to buy coffee everyday. However I have no. idea. how. to. dress. for it.  One morning it might be freezing but I'll go out in my ballerinas and a light coat. Then the next day I would have learnt from my under-dressing of the previous day and wear a heavier coat and boots and then turn out to be overdressed because its not as cold!

Assuming English girls don't have this problem I've been trying to play close attention to how they are dressing for winter.. you know learn from the natives.... Now by natives I would like to point out that I mean girls from South West London were I live and work. It's important to note that women's fashion does kind of very from area code to area code. And central London... Well that's another story.

SW London girls are what I would call preppy or traditional for the most part with the odd few who add a bit of Alexa Chung-ish flair to an outfit such as a purple nail polish or a kitch accessory. 

Their secret to Winter dressing is layering and the reason they do it so well is because they understand how to mix colors, patterns and fabrics so the layering seems seamless and light. (Unlike me who today felt like the Michelin man in my 10 thousand layers)

It seems I have a lot of learning (and shopping) to do!



quite a self explanatory post that i would like to start including on a regular basis.
working in the industry that i do, i have come across many a sad story and situation. it kind of makes me think to myself- what am i grateful for? what more can i do to be a better version of myself? how can i show appreciation for the good things and people that i have in my life? which brings us to the first "appreciation" post.

1. the boy. he continues to show me how to be better. and cooks for me. come on!

2. mothers. specifically the many mothers i have in my life. i have caught a small glimpse into what being a mum is like, the sacrifices that are made, the lack of sleep and the awe- inspiring love that comes with being a mum. i love the relationship that i have with my mum. we talk about everything and even though sometimes i feel like im the "mum", she still is most definately one the bravest, most selfless woman i have ever known.

3.time out from everyday life. recently went away for a mini break from reality and loved it. it was much needed and i came back refreshed, and in the right frame of mind. even the drive there and back was relaxing, being able to spend a solid few hours leaving the bills and work and responsibilities behind. just spending time away.

4. summer. i miss summer when its gone so much. i love the feel of the sun on my skin, soaking up the vitamin d and trying to get abit of colour happening (safely ofcourse). summer is like a giant hug for me,  filled with exotic fruits, cocktails and sunscreen.

5. coffee. its more than a morning drink. its the way i wake up and get myself prepped for the day. usually  previously i would have 2 or 3 coffee's a day but as i am being "healthy" and "aware" of what i eat and drink, i have reduced myself to a lowly ONE COFFEE A DAY. there are times i question my sanity but beauty is pain right?

who/ what are you appreciating this week?


homeward bound

sipping on champers

bubye marg's...hello cheese

gorgeous bed of colour

rose & cabernet

favourite winery


south bound

passionfruit & vanilla cocktail

angel hair past w blue manna crab

peanut butter

having a titanic moment


this last weekend gone by, the boy and i took a trip down the coast for the wedding of two of our good friends. ofcourse i had to document the trip through instagram. enjoy :)



cross continental blogging

i have had the privilege of knowing and being friends with the lovely Dominik for 5years now. when she told me that she was finally taking the plunge and moving to london town indefinitely, i was a mixture of super excited for her and super sad for me. no more friday night coffee catch up’s or saturday shopping L in the 9 or so months that she has been gone, we have tried to keep in contact often, emailing, whatssapping and facebooking constantly- me always wanting more and more info on the “cool” life of dominik in london town. so, because dominik is quite the awesome person, she came up with the idea for us to do weekly cross continental guest posting on each other’s blogs. i look forward to dominik’s weekly update on all things cool and all things London. i hope to have some cool things to add to her blog on a weekly basis as well, so look out for it J enjoy!

A note from London

Week One

Hello, so we finally got our act together huh? Our first blog entry swap. Suddenly I find myself a little nervous, a little self conscious and without much to say.

I've been thinking about it all weekend actually ... and then I  just realized what better to say in my first Note from London then what I am thinking and going through right now. I mean the whole point of this swap is to bring us closer together in our day to day lives even though we are so far away right?

So here goes.

It's been almost nine months now since I arrived in lodon or is it ten? I loose track.

It's gone incredibly fast and yet it feels like a lifetime with so much happening in what reality is a short time. We've lived in a hostel for six week, on a new friends couch for two months, got jobs and lost jobs, made a family out of flatmates, spent birthdays in Paris and drank steins in Munich.

And now after so much adventure it seems like we've formed a routine and life has kind of slowed down a bit which on one hand means we feel at home in London (trust me if you had told me that in April I wouldnt have believed you) and on the other hand means its a little easier to forget how lucky we are to be in this situation.

So as I've always tried to remember.. You have to look at the little things. So for my first note from London here are the little things that made my weekend, and a little insight into my life here.  As seen through the eyes of our favorite app Instagram.

1. Autumn

2. Sad looking sneakers that have seen the world.

3. A date with the boy.

4. Trying new things.

So there you have it a tiny insight into things going on with me here.  Can't wait to see and hear about your weekend. I'm sure it was lovely and warm (its freezing over here!).  

This weekend I'm on the hunt for new shoes. As you can see mine are looking terribly sad. So Notes from London are heading shoe shopping!

Until then. Thanks for letting me guest blog. 

Miss ya.





for as long as i can remember i have absolutley adored victoria beckham. or posh spice as she was formerly known as. or rather victoria adams. i was obssessed with her when the spice girls came out, i wanted to be her, i wanted to have her snooty pout, i wanted to have her accent, i wanted to be posh spice. i cant even recall how many times i watched the spice girl movie, and how many times i would belt out their songs, or dress like them. it was all a bit exciting and i still get really excited when there is abit of new gossip that comes out about victoria. when she and david got together and then started having babies, i was like a little fan girl that was even more in love with all things beckham.

in recent years, with her rapid evolution from 'famous soccer wife' to style icon and respected part of the design industry pretty much complete, she has again flawed me with the elegance and grace that she seems to exude. Now that she is a mum of four, and she has a little girl, its easy to see how mrs beckham has changed. it seems that, while she (and david) still command the spotlight wherever they go, there no longer is the obvious push for exposure with regards to paparazzi. she has always seemed to be an attentive mother and now that she has the baby girl (that im sure she has no doubt been longing for) all seems to be in perfect balance on planet beckham.

as a fan girl who has grown up with vicki b, i can honestly say, even when she was soooo skinny with boobs out to here i still adored her. adored that she didnt smile, adored that she was so fashionable and adored that she sat in the stands at david's games and cheered. now i still adore her, for all those reasons, but for so many more as well. i love that she always looks polished and put together when i see photographs of her. i love that she is such a strong, independant woman, who makes bold fashion choices. i love that she seems to constantly reinvent herself (hello hairstyles- which i have proudly copied) and i love that there still seems to be a measure of mystic that surrounds her.

style icon? in my eyes- hell yes.