for as long as i can remember i have absolutley adored victoria beckham. or posh spice as she was formerly known as. or rather victoria adams. i was obssessed with her when the spice girls came out, i wanted to be her, i wanted to have her snooty pout, i wanted to have her accent, i wanted to be posh spice. i cant even recall how many times i watched the spice girl movie, and how many times i would belt out their songs, or dress like them. it was all a bit exciting and i still get really excited when there is abit of new gossip that comes out about victoria. when she and david got together and then started having babies, i was like a little fan girl that was even more in love with all things beckham.

in recent years, with her rapid evolution from 'famous soccer wife' to style icon and respected part of the design industry pretty much complete, she has again flawed me with the elegance and grace that she seems to exude. Now that she is a mum of four, and she has a little girl, its easy to see how mrs beckham has changed. it seems that, while she (and david) still command the spotlight wherever they go, there no longer is the obvious push for exposure with regards to paparazzi. she has always seemed to be an attentive mother and now that she has the baby girl (that im sure she has no doubt been longing for) all seems to be in perfect balance on planet beckham.

as a fan girl who has grown up with vicki b, i can honestly say, even when she was soooo skinny with boobs out to here i still adored her. adored that she didnt smile, adored that she was so fashionable and adored that she sat in the stands at david's games and cheered. now i still adore her, for all those reasons, but for so many more as well. i love that she always looks polished and put together when i see photographs of her. i love that she is such a strong, independant woman, who makes bold fashion choices. i love that she seems to constantly reinvent herself (hello hairstyles- which i have proudly copied) and i love that there still seems to be a measure of mystic that surrounds her.

style icon? in my eyes- hell yes.

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