A note from London

Week One

Hello, so we finally got our act together huh? Our first blog entry swap. Suddenly I find myself a little nervous, a little self conscious and without much to say.

I've been thinking about it all weekend actually ... and then I  just realized what better to say in my first Note from London then what I am thinking and going through right now. I mean the whole point of this swap is to bring us closer together in our day to day lives even though we are so far away right?

So here goes.

It's been almost nine months now since I arrived in lodon or is it ten? I loose track.

It's gone incredibly fast and yet it feels like a lifetime with so much happening in what reality is a short time. We've lived in a hostel for six week, on a new friends couch for two months, got jobs and lost jobs, made a family out of flatmates, spent birthdays in Paris and drank steins in Munich.

And now after so much adventure it seems like we've formed a routine and life has kind of slowed down a bit which on one hand means we feel at home in London (trust me if you had told me that in April I wouldnt have believed you) and on the other hand means its a little easier to forget how lucky we are to be in this situation.

So as I've always tried to remember.. You have to look at the little things. So for my first note from London here are the little things that made my weekend, and a little insight into my life here.  As seen through the eyes of our favorite app Instagram.

1. Autumn

2. Sad looking sneakers that have seen the world.

3. A date with the boy.

4. Trying new things.

So there you have it a tiny insight into things going on with me here.  Can't wait to see and hear about your weekend. I'm sure it was lovely and warm (its freezing over here!).  

This weekend I'm on the hunt for new shoes. As you can see mine are looking terribly sad. So Notes from London are heading shoe shopping!

Until then. Thanks for letting me guest blog. 

Miss ya.


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