quite a self explanatory post that i would like to start including on a regular basis.
working in the industry that i do, i have come across many a sad story and situation. it kind of makes me think to myself- what am i grateful for? what more can i do to be a better version of myself? how can i show appreciation for the good things and people that i have in my life? which brings us to the first "appreciation" post.

1. the boy. he continues to show me how to be better. and cooks for me. come on!

2. mothers. specifically the many mothers i have in my life. i have caught a small glimpse into what being a mum is like, the sacrifices that are made, the lack of sleep and the awe- inspiring love that comes with being a mum. i love the relationship that i have with my mum. we talk about everything and even though sometimes i feel like im the "mum", she still is most definately one the bravest, most selfless woman i have ever known.

3.time out from everyday life. recently went away for a mini break from reality and loved it. it was much needed and i came back refreshed, and in the right frame of mind. even the drive there and back was relaxing, being able to spend a solid few hours leaving the bills and work and responsibilities behind. just spending time away.

4. summer. i miss summer when its gone so much. i love the feel of the sun on my skin, soaking up the vitamin d and trying to get abit of colour happening (safely ofcourse). summer is like a giant hug for me,  filled with exotic fruits, cocktails and sunscreen.

5. coffee. its more than a morning drink. its the way i wake up and get myself prepped for the day. usually  previously i would have 2 or 3 coffee's a day but as i am being "healthy" and "aware" of what i eat and drink, i have reduced myself to a lowly ONE COFFEE A DAY. there are times i question my sanity but beauty is pain right?

who/ what are you appreciating this week?

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