cross continental blogging

i have had the privilege of knowing and being friends with the lovely Dominik for 5years now. when she told me that she was finally taking the plunge and moving to london town indefinitely, i was a mixture of super excited for her and super sad for me. no more friday night coffee catch up’s or saturday shopping L in the 9 or so months that she has been gone, we have tried to keep in contact often, emailing, whatssapping and facebooking constantly- me always wanting more and more info on the “cool” life of dominik in london town. so, because dominik is quite the awesome person, she came up with the idea for us to do weekly cross continental guest posting on each other’s blogs. i look forward to dominik’s weekly update on all things cool and all things London. i hope to have some cool things to add to her blog on a weekly basis as well, so look out for it J enjoy!

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