mums vanilla, strawberry and cream cake

loving the colour constrast

tanika's photography skills

dinner spread


another month...p2

just a few more pictures from the wine tour :)

another month, another wine tour

so it must seem that i spend alot of my time drinking wine and touring the WA wine region. not so! but i do love it. last weekend brought about another birthday for our family and what is better way to celebrate that to get on a bus at 930am and head into the swan valley wine region. we visited a few wineries and a chocolate factory. lets just say i wont be mixing wine and creamy iced chocolate again. other than feeling like a bloated whale i had a great time. we tasted countless wines, became pregressively louder as the day went on and ate at a german inspired restuarant and ended up back at my cousin's home where the celebration went on well into the night. good times all round.

birthday girl

windy creek- best winery of the day

lovely little snail we found

i really wanted to climb on

some of the group


birthday dinner

a couple of weeks ago, my dearest cousin had a little get together for her birthday at a swanky restaurant in the city centre. drinks flowed, dinner was nice and the company amazing. i know she got a whole post to herself on the day- but again tersh, i hope this birthday brings lots of good things for you.



so i know i have MIA for a little while. honestly there has just been so much going on that i have not found one second to post anything at all. between trying to finish off our front garden, buying my first car, going on wine tours and working late i dont know how i am still standing. hopefully things can settle into more of a 'regular' (but still fun) routine. just a few photos from the last couple of weeks. enjoy xx

random street art

bench art

mad men inspired fashion

lemon inspired

newspaper nails



boutique art

street art

food art

vintage family street art

art of organisation


sometimes i wish that i had freckles and blue eyes so i could look like this. so very pretty.




a massive congratulations to my wonderful cousin tanika and her partner gerard on their engagement.
he got down on one knee on saturday and she ofcourse said yes.
happy news you guys :)