another month, another wine tour

so it must seem that i spend alot of my time drinking wine and touring the WA wine region. not so! but i do love it. last weekend brought about another birthday for our family and what is better way to celebrate that to get on a bus at 930am and head into the swan valley wine region. we visited a few wineries and a chocolate factory. lets just say i wont be mixing wine and creamy iced chocolate again. other than feeling like a bloated whale i had a great time. we tasted countless wines, became pregressively louder as the day went on and ate at a german inspired restuarant and ended up back at my cousin's home where the celebration went on well into the night. good times all round.

birthday girl

windy creek- best winery of the day

lovely little snail we found

i really wanted to climb on

some of the group

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