Notes from London

Note Two

Hi again! Apologies for the late entry it's been an intense roller coaster week. But to be cheesy...... I'm back on solid grown now with a smile on my face and a little bit more of an understanding of who I am becoming. 
And that is what its all about right? 

Alright, enough of the serious talk. My note from London this week is all about something else that has been happening over the last few weeks and that is... winter.  Yes I know it's always cold in England but this cold is different and it comes and goes with no warning.

I love it. Its crisp, its fresh, its very traditional and cliche and it means I have more of an excuse to buy coffee everyday. However I have no. idea. how. to. dress. for it.  One morning it might be freezing but I'll go out in my ballerinas and a light coat. Then the next day I would have learnt from my under-dressing of the previous day and wear a heavier coat and boots and then turn out to be overdressed because its not as cold!

Assuming English girls don't have this problem I've been trying to play close attention to how they are dressing for winter.. you know learn from the natives.... Now by natives I would like to point out that I mean girls from South West London were I live and work. It's important to note that women's fashion does kind of very from area code to area code. And central London... Well that's another story.

SW London girls are what I would call preppy or traditional for the most part with the odd few who add a bit of Alexa Chung-ish flair to an outfit such as a purple nail polish or a kitch accessory. 

Their secret to Winter dressing is layering and the reason they do it so well is because they understand how to mix colors, patterns and fabrics so the layering seems seamless and light. (Unlike me who today felt like the Michelin man in my 10 thousand layers)

It seems I have a lot of learning (and shopping) to do!

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  1. I'm terrible at dressing for cool weather as well! Good plan to learn from the natives while you are in LDN, and make sure that you bring your knowledge back to Perth one day!!