zombies & leopards & geishas. oh my!

poppy the pumkin

 this past saturday, tanika and i co-hosted our first ever halloween party. it really was such fun. tanika and i had been planning the night for about a month or so, going through what we would need for the party. We made about a million lists and refined our ideas for the food, drinks and decorations from ideas we got online and through some of the blogs that we follow as well. I have to say my favourite part was making up the signature cocktails that we had for the night.

we decided that we would have 2 signature drinks for the night, both with a halloween theme attached. the first cocktail we came up with was the bloody cocktail. it was so simple!

leopard tanika & evil angel

 we threw some ice, strawberries, malibu, midori, canadian club and some lemonade into a blender and whizzed it together and viola- a bloody cocktail :) our second drink was simply champayne with a peach slice and peach syrup. quite sweet, but a good way to start the night.

our menu consisted of a lot of finger food, such as home made pizza and sausage rolls. The normal 'party' food was also a must, with crisps and dips in abundance, snake lollies and chocolate pastry also around. We also did a platter with finger vegetables & dip so we could pretend we were being healthy :) Such a fun night, with everyone dressing up and best dressed going to the geisha and woody from toy strory. cant wait for our next one :)

photo backdrop w urkel & a hobo

jasmine & dorothy


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