tanika and i spent yesterday shopping for our jointly hosted halloween party. on our 8 hour journey through 2 shopping centre's, tanika came across one of the little revlon mini packs. such cute little bottles of vibrant colours. she was spoilt for choice and ended up going with a pack that contained a khaki, bright pink and a coral. she was intent on using her new purchase and so, home we went, and the nail prep began. i played beauty therapist to the former beauty therapist, as we talked about my up coming travels, which brings us to the inspiration for this post. tanika has been wanting to find a khaki nail polish for a while now, so i guess she was itching to get that colour on her nails.

for this super simple mani, we used a base coat (so important- we dont want stained nails), chop- sticking to my story by opi (from the shrek collection maybe?) and moss by revlon and some tape. we also wanted to use the nail art pen that i bought, but its came out terrible on the nail, so i painted over it. ill just have to practice a bit more with that one.

i dont even think i need to give instructions for this manicure, its that simple, but basically its as follows.

1. base coat.  **dry time**
2. double coat of chop-sticking to my story. **complete dry time**
3. halve the tape and cover the top half of the nail. or the bottom half, whatever takes your fancy :)
4. double coat the uncovered half with moss. ** complete dry time**
5. remove tape- gently! and only once the second colour is 100% dry!!

it might seem like a silly thing to emphasise, but seriously, only try to remove the tape once the second colour is totally dry. if its even a tiny bit tacky, the polish will rip and the effect will be ruined.

and TA- DA, safari themed nails. kinda :)


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