i was inspired a long while ago by Chloe to do this post...so here it is. finally.

Places you would like to visit
o   Paris (specifically the Louvre)
o   Cape Town (the countdown is on)
o   Brazil (Soccer World Cup 2014- yes please!!)
o   London
o   New York
o   Spain
o   Greek Islands
o   Macaroons…I have tried and failed. Dismally.
o   Red velvet cupcakes  like this.
o   Decorative pieces for my home. Mostly paintings or jewelled frames.
o   A patch work quilt in gorgeous pastel colours.
o   My own avocado and olive oil hair masks and face masks. I always say I will…and I never do.
o   Chunky bead/ jewelled neck pieces similar to these.
o   Cheese soufflé…or any soufflé really. 

People you would like to meet- dead or alive
o   My paternal grandfather. He died way before I was even thought of.
o   Angelina Jolie- I adore her. Besides all the Team Aniston/ Jolie drama, a dozen kids and counting and the humanitarian stuff. I just think she is beautiful.
o   Michelle and Barack Obama. I just think they would be cool to hang out with.
o   Coco Chanel. I’d thank her for her wonderful advice. “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off."
o   Leonardo Da Vinci. I am a massive art nerd. I adore the Renaissance period.
o   Jesus.  For obvious reasons.
o   Nelson Mandela. Inspirational.
Things you would like to own
o   A puppy.
o   A Chanel 2.55 handbag
o   A room in my home, filled with all my books.  This room will have a fireplace and a few original Monet’s. Ofcourse.
o   A pool
o   A pair of Charlotte Olympia’s, Brian Atwood’s or Christian Louboutin. Or five. Thanks.
o   A Vera Wang wedding dress. Or Marchesa. Or Monique Lhuiller. I’m not fussy. Really.
o   A baby. I love babies, and toddlers. It’s weird.
Things that annoy you
o   Attention seeking people/ people that constantly try to gain sympathy
o   Having to repeat myself. If you didn’t hear it the first time, you don’t deserve to hear it. Seriously.
o   Girls who wear foundation that is way too light/ dark for them. Ever heard of a mirror? Use it. This applies to fake tanning.
o   This goes a bit further than ‘annoy’- but domestic violence. Or violence in general.
o   Chapped lips and chipped nail polish.
o   Jealousy
o   Two faced people
Films that you love
o   The Notebook
o   The Lion King
o   Bambi
o   Titanic
o   E.T. The Extra Terrestrial
o   Blue Valentine
o   Pretty Woman
Things that delight
o   A warm bubble bath/ hot shower
o   Macaroni and cheese
o   Hugs from the boy/ Mum/ BFFL
o   Trashy reality TV
o   Fashion/ Beauty/ Wedding blogs
o   Speaking to my Ouma in Africa
o   desert
Favourite songs
o   Dream Lover- Mariah Carey
o   September- Earth Wind and Fire
o   Someone Like You- Adele
o   Talking to the Moon- Bruno Mars
o   Billie Jean- Michael Jackson
o   I Will Always Love You- Whitney Houston
o   Make You Feel My Love- Adele
Funny Words
o   Guarantee
o    Soufflé
o   Umpteen
o   Thesaurus
o    Metacarpal
o   Geriatric
o   Adjective

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