south of the border

two months to go until the trip of the year!!! i have started making a list of things to pack, getting more and more excited about christmas and nye, trying to make a list of places to go/ things to do/ people to see. it’s all so exciting for me, even more so as it is the first international trip that the boy and i will be taking together. if it can get even more exciting on top of that, its also the first time we will be meeting each other's extended family. exciting. and maybe a little daunting. but mostly exciting :)

so far, i have made a mental list of the things i want to take. from nail polish (perfect holiday manicures are a must) to the two bikinis i have bought (so far) as well as which heels i will be taking. mentally i have been putting outfits together for a while, so i think my packing process is a little refined already. i do tend to physically put outfits together and cull from there so im not too stressed. i think im a pretty organised kinda girl anyways, but when it comes to travel, i become this monster, who has to have a list for everything. and you better believe that im checkin' it twice. maybe even thrice. seriously.

its going to be  super-hot and humid when we are down in africa, so i will most likely be living in shorts, rompers, skirts and maxi's. to go with this type of weather, i will probably be rocking flats,sandles and havaiana's a whole lot. and papaw. alot of lucas' papaw ointment. i use that stuff for everything. it is amazing.

so, pretty much, im in super planning mode. and i love it.

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