to the best friend a girl could ever ask for. you are not only my cousin. you are a ray of sunshine and a glass half full of hope to my eternal stress and a cup of hot tea to my skinny latte. tersia, i have never met anyone as complex, dedicated and focused as you. you know what you want and chase it. you are an inspiration to me. you make me (and im sure everyone around you) laugh at your silly antics, your dumb blonde moments and the constant positivity that comes out of your mouth. i don't think i will ever meet someone with such strong ideas and opinions, but then again there is only one you. we have been through so much together and i am thankful for each and every moment that we have spent becoming best friends.
times like when we raced. you fell, i won. the times we fought over who would wash the dishes. the times we would walk home from primary school together. the secrets we have shared and the heartbreak we have conquered. i wouldn't be who i am with out you. you wouldn't be who you are without me. we have crossed oceans together. grown up together. went to university together and graduated together. we have such a strong bond and i thank god for every day that i have you in my life. you are my sister. you are an amazing person, with such a bright spirit and a smile that lights up your beautiful face. stay as you are. you are perfect that way. even with all your "ways" i would not change you for the world.

happy birthday. enjoy it. embrace it. own it. i love you.

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