I don't go anywhere without my small, red, shiny Estee Lauder makeup bag. I went through it the other day searching for some eye cream ( in the middle of my work day- as you do) and found not only eye cream, but moisturiser, eye shadow, about 3 different lip glosses, eye gel, a mini perfume, my Napoleon Perdis compact, concealer, Paw Paw and a whole bunch of things I cannot even bring myself to remember.

 When it comes to products and brands, I pretty much stick to what I know works for my skin type (Estee Lauder,Revlon, Elizabeth Arden, Pevonia) , as well as using products friends or family have suggested. One person I always listen to is my mother. Not only does she have about 20yrs on me when it comes to makeup, but our skins are exactly alike, and so I use what she uses. Biggest and best tip she gave me- give your skin moisture. Think of it as a refreshing drink that is going to serve you well in about 40yrs. I try and moisturise at least twice a day, and more if I'm spending hours in an air-con room. Which I do, everyday at work. For my face I use Olay and I love it. Mum swears by it. And by looking at her and  knowing she has used it for about 36yrs, I can safely say it has worked for her and it sure works for me.
I also love Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour Cream with SPF15 for the day. It's light and refreshing and so so good. Its like I can feel it seeping into the lower layer's of my skin and just plumping it up, leaving a dewy finish. But- I am lazy (and poor alot of the time) and have run out of this amazing cream. I should really get more. And soon.

Another must have and absolute constant companion of mine is Lucas' Paw Paw ointment. I have been using it for about 5yrs as a lip balm and it is amazing. I use it not only for my lips, but to take my makeup off, for cuts, bites, scratches, any random breakouts and as a eye moisturiser if I have run out of night cream. It. Is. Amazing. I don't go anywhere without it. Ever. I am obsessed with it. I have been known to go clubbing and have a tub with me, in my clutch. I think its safe to say I'm a paw paw addict. I even have a certain ritual of application. Weird, I know.

Another love that I will forever cherish is my Napoleon compact. Its got the 3x3x2 all going on- lips, eyes, cheeks- viola! I can create the perfect smoky eye with the velvet- like shadows, an amazing subtle lip with the lip colour and perfectly defined cheeks with the bronzer/ blusher combo. All in all- it's a winner.

And ofcourse it goes without saying, I love my kabuki bronzer brush. I would definitely be lost with out it.

BFF's? I think so.


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