polished up

So, I'm sitting and Skyping with my lovely Dominik, all the way in London town, so it is kinda fitting that my next post is about nail polish. She worked in retail for a long while and I used to score some pretty cute jewellery and she would always tell me when the new nail polish was in store, so I could come and stare at the pretty colours. And buy some of course!
I recently came across Emily from cupcakes and cashmere and saw how she had used glitter on one or more of her fingernails and I thought- "Yes!" She is so stylish and pretty :) I am quietly obsessed with her blog :) So, tonight, with Perth city having late night trade, I went in search of a nice glitter nail polish. I'm proud to say, after many stores (not really, I waltzed into Sportsgirl) I am the proud owner of glitter nail polish! I feel like I'm 10 years old- and I <3 it! Thank you Emily for your inspiration!

I think this weekend calls for fuchsia nails.


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