so, its been a long while between "appreciate" posts. i am determined to get better at this whole blogging thing. i keep trying to remind myself that i can use this as a way to air my thoughts for the day. so here goes...

1. girlfriends- i have quite a small "inner circle" of girlfriends. i know that i can call them at the drop of a hat and they will be there for me, no questions asked. i appreciate each and every girlfriend in my life and love them equally, for all their differences and all our similarities.

2. being employed- simply, it allows me to live a comfortable life. this is a major "appreciate" thumbs up.

3. stopping to smell the roses- sometimes just taking a minute out the day to debrief and think a good thought makes the day a little better :)

4. hot cross buns- i know its early for Easter chatter, but hot cross buns a 'any time' snack for me.

5. glitter nail polish- on a completely different level, glitter makes my nail polish twinkle as it catched the light and lifts any normal mani to another level of cool.

Who or what are you guys appreciating today?

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