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i have been thinking about getting into the moroccan oil revolution for a long time now but just could not justify paying around $40 for a bottle of oil. finally today, after randomly walking into the pharmacy near my office, i was lucky enough to find a good bargain- a full size shampoo for $15 and a small bottle of the morrocan oil (25ml) for $13. bargain!
i came home with the mission of trying out my new purchases and WOW am i in love! my hair naturally curly and quite fine, so it tends to know very easily. i try not to use a ton of heat on it as well as my hair responds by becoming brittle and clumping into a giant knot- which is not a whole bunch of fun to comb out.
then there is the issue of how much hair falls out with each wash- i generally try to wash my hair twice a week- depending on how hot it is here. no matter what i have tried- creams, potions, lotions, masks, oils- nothing seems to strengthen my hair. my hairdresser even seems amazed that im not bald by the amount of hair that falls out with gentle wash ( let me tell you, having a professional say she is "freaked out" isn't the nicest feeling) but, moving on... tonight i might have just found my saving grace. i used the shampoo and just gently massaged it into my scalp and wow it felt good. im not someone who jumps on bandwagons with the latest this and that- but i have heard a whole heap about this range and i must say that im glad i ended up getting the shampoo. while rinsing it out, only a few strands of hair fell out- which had me thinking "whaaat?"  i mean, hair still fell out, but not a whole clump as usual. after one wash. a good result. i mean wow. so good.
i have tried the oil on my ends, and i guess time will only tell whether it livens up my curly mop of fine, volume lacking hair.
but so far? absolutely rating it.

this is not a sponsored post, i handed the money over myself :)

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